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Our Team

Our team at Product Hive is comprised of dedicated Executive Directors, a committed Board of Directors, and a vibrant community of volunteers. Together, these individuals drive our mission forward, enriching our programs and ensuring we deliver exceptional value to our members in Product Management, Design, and Research.


Board of Directors


Vice President






Director of Content Strategy

Volunteer Staff

At the heart of our vibrant community is a remarkable team of over 30 dedicated volunteers, each contributing their time, skills, and passion to fuel the engine of Product Hive. Our 100% volunteer-led organization is a testament to the collective commitment to fostering growth, learning, and connection within the professional realms of Product Management, Design, and Research.

These volunteers are the backbone of our community, orchestrating everything from the logistics of our engaging meetups and hands-on workshops to moderating the lively discussions in our Slack channel and beyond. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise enrich our programming and ensure a wide range of perspectives and insights are represented.

Beyond their roles in planning and executing events, our volunteers embody the spirit of mentorship and support, guiding members through their professional journeys and fostering an environment where everyone, from seasoned experts to newcomers, can learn, contribute, and thrive.

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