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Joining Product Hive offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a thriving community of professionals dedicated to the fields of Product Management, Design, and Research. As a member, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources including expert-led workshops, enlightening meetups, and exclusive company visits, all designed to enhance your skills and expand your understanding of the industry. 

Steps to Join




Our meetups are vibrant hubs for learning, networking, and innovation in Product Management, Design, and Research. Monthly Meetups & Workshops are posted here. Pick the closest chapter to you. 

Our Slack community is a lively, collaborative space for real-time advice, discussion, and connection among product enthusiasts. Enter your email and we will send you an invite link.

It is free to join Product Hive. And we can only provide our programs through our amazing volunteers and individual and corporate donations. Consider donating your time or a small amount to keep the Product Hive community accessible to all for years to come.


You're in! Check out our additional programs below. 

Other Programs

Our mentor program pairs aspiring professionals with experienced mentors for guidance & skill development.


Our company visit program offers exclusive behind-the-scenes access to local companies, providing real-world insights into their programs.

Our job board connects professionals in Product Management, Design, and Research with top-tier job opportunities, fostering career growth and advancement within the industry.

Check out our exclusive Product Hive swag, designed to keep you looking sharp and feeling inspired.

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