Mentorship Program


The Product Hive mentorship program was created to connect individuals seeking coaching and mentoring in the fields of product management, strategy and design with other product professionals in the industry who have real-world experience.

We help pair mentor and mentee based on interest, experience, goals and availability. The mentor and mentee meet or call twice a month for no longer than six months. This gives you 10-12 sessions to go deep and solve problems together.

When can I sign up?
Sign-up for the January 2019 mentorship group is open until December 31, 2018. Anyone who signs up after that date will automatically be added to the next group. The start date for this group will be spring or early summer 2019.

We have changed our sign-up form to include more questions that allows us to better match people. If you signed up prior to November 29, 2018, you will need to sign up again.

Why should I sign up?
Whether you sign up as a mentor or mentee, the mentorship program is designed to help you grow in your career and learn from others in the community. As a mentor you get the opportunity to help others, and you will also learn a lot through the conversations with your mentee and the questions they ask. If you’re being mentored, you get the opportunity to learn from someone who is more experienced in your discipline, and who can help you with relevant insights and advice.

Who can be a mentor?
We consistently have more mentees than mentors sign up for our program. That presents a huge challenge in matching people. If you’re early in your career you might think that you don’t have enough experience to be a mentor. However, we believe mentorship is most effective when a mentee is paired with a mentor who is just a few steps ahead of them in their career. This ensures that the mentor can relate to the mentee, and provide relevant suggestions and insights.

Beyond experience, the most important skills you need to be a good mentor is the ability to listen and to ask questions. We encourage anyone who is interested in helping others grow in their career to sign up to be a mentor, and we will match you based on your role and experience.

How does the mentorship work?
The mentor is responsible for making themselves available every other week for a call or meeting, and for being attentive, present and supportive during each session. The mentee is responsible for reaching out to the mentor to get sessions scheduled, and to show up prepared with topics they’d like to discuss.

How are people matched?
We’ve expanded our matching criteria to include event (job search, promotion, growth, etc), role, experience, as well as any other relevant information you include when you sign up, for example specific skills you want to learn more about.

What resources do I have as a mentor?
We are working to create more support and help for mentors, and some of this will be available for the January 2019 group. There is also a Slack channel (#mentor) in the Product Hive workspace where you can get help or ask questions. If there are specific resources you feel would be helpful, please reach out on Slack and let us know.

Does the mentorship program cost anything?
No, the mentorship program is free. No financial remuneration should be requested/suggested by mentors, nor should it be offered by mentees. This should be an entirely altruistic endeavor, and any hint of financial expectations could tarnish the program.